German Badges

Here you will find all German cap badges and cloth insignia. Items include tinnie's, youth, and sports badges.

Post War DRL Sports Badge
RAD SUD Cuff Title
WW1 German Black Wound Badge
WW1 German Hamburg Cross
WW1 German Old Comrades Pin
WW1 German Silver Wound Badge
WW1 Turkish Submarine Badge
WW2 1st Class Iron Cross
WW2 1st Class Iron Cross
WW2 Channel Island Tokens
WW2 German 5 RM Token
WW2 German Army Chevron
WW2 German Army Rank Insignia
WW2 German Assault Badge
WW2 German Black Wound Badge
WW2 German Dog Tag
WW2 German Dog Tag Set
WW2 German Fire-Police Badge
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