About GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

We are now fully compliant with the new rulings on data protection. You can request to have a copy of your data sent to you via email, and you can also request for us to delete the data we have stored about you, such as IP, email address, telephone number.

It's easy to request your data and you can do this by simply emailing us  and asking for a copy of your data.

It's easy to request a deletion of your data and this can be done by simply emailing us  and asking us to delete your data.

Once we receive an email from you we will reply to your email with the relevant information within approx. 72 hours. We will confirm all actions taken via email, which means if you request a deletion of your data we will email you once we have completed the deletion of your data.

Please read our privacy policy for more information about GDPR and the data that we collect.


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