RMLI GVI MSM Medal Group


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A rare WW1 royal marine light infantry 1914-15 trio, LSGC and GVI Meritorious service medal group to a company sergeant major with photocopied research (the MSM is a late issue 1951 and is confirmed on the medal roll check the last 4 pictures)

  • 1914-15 star trio named "PLY. 12165. SGT. W. H. PALK. R.M.L.I."
  • GV LSGC medal named "PLY. 12165. W. H. PALK. SERGT. R.M.L.I."
  • GVI MSM medal named "PLY. 12165. C. S. M. W. H. PALK. 28. 2. 1951." (This is engraved as would have been in 1951)

You will receive the items photographed above which include

  • 1 x 1914-15 star trio
  • 1 x George VI Meritorious Service Medal
  • 1 x George V LSGC 
  • 12 x Photocopied pages of paperwork

Additional information

This is a nice rare group even with the late issue of the Meritorious Service Medal for whatever reason but still confirmed on the medal roll,  on some of the photocopied paperwork there looks to be information however slightly faded which to me reads "????? for award MSM annuity etc PG No.812/24" there is a photograph of this along with a typed up print out of his service which came with the group again there are photographs of this, please look at all the photographs more research may be required.

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