Delivery Notice

We are currently away from 14th Feb 2020 until the 25th Feb 2020 and we will not be able to deliver items purchased in this time. You can still purchase items from the shop as normal, however we won't be able to ship the products until the 25th Feb 2020.

How to pay with a debit or credit card

Follow this guide to make payment with a debit or credit card through the PayPal website. Please note* We do not store any payment or card details on our website.

Step 1 

Add the product/s you would like to purchase to your shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart next to the currency changers and then click on the "checkout" button. This will then take you to the checkout page where you can complete your purchase.

pay with credit or debit card image

Step 2

Carefully enter all of your information into each step. There are only 6 steps to complete for billing information, delivery details etc. When you get to step 5 make sure that "PayPal" is selected as your payment option as seen in the screenshot below.

step 2 of payment guide

Step 3

Continue throught the checkout process until you reach the PayPal website, there you will see a section that reads "Pay with a debit or credit card" located underneath the login area. (see the image below) Click on this to open up the guest checkout area for PayPal which will allow you to pay without having an account on a credit or debit card.


Step 4

You will now be able to enter your billing details and make payment with your credit or debit card to finish the purchase. Please ensure you enter a valid email address as this is where your invoice will be sent to. If you need any further help then please contact us.



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